Outer Banks Things to Do in October

Outer Banks Things to Do in October

Fall is a fantastic time to visit the Outer Banks because the crowds have dissipated, and the ocean temperatures are still pleasant enough to swim in until mid-October. So when you add OBX activities to your plan, you’ll have the beach to yourself, fall events to look forward to, and more of the coastline to explore.

Discover All About Local History
Consider discovering more about the Outer Banks if you want to take a break from the beach. Aside from being a great vacation spot, this corner of the world has some of the most interesting historical stories in the United States. Make a point of stopping by the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where you may stand on the exact spot where the Wrights first took flight. Discover everything about them as well as their plane in the Visitors Center.

Make a trip to the nearby Fort Raleigh National Historic Site to learn about the history of Roanoke Island’s first occupants. These English settlers built the fort and freed African-American slaves who sought safety during the American Civil War. Of course, a journey to Ocracoke would be incomplete without stopping at the Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit, where you can learn everything about the famous pirate (and some fantastic souvenirs in the gift shop!).

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, located on Hatteras Island in Buxton, is a must-see for marine history lovers who want to see some stunning architecture while on their vacation. Easily distinguished by its distinctive white and black stripes, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, built in 1803, has endured the test of time on the Outer Banks shoreline. This lighthouse, which stands 193 feet tall, is open for tours, and those who are eager to take in the panoramic views can walk the 257 steps to the top observation deck and take in the beauties that greet them.

Enjoy Fall Colors
Even though you’re near the coast, the Outer Banks have a lot more to offer than just the clear blues and greens of the ocean. Visit the Outer Banks’ coastal woods, located inland, for a spectacular display of fall color! The Kitty Hawk Woods is a 2,000-acre preserve with a paved walkway and hiking trails along the water’s edge. A trip through this area exposes a change in landscape and towering trees covered in spectacular gold and orange leaves above, with terrain ranging from undulating dunes to wetlands.

Take a Stroll Around the Pier
If you want to enjoy a hike close to the sea, you can head to one of the many piers or boardwalks on the Outer Banks! A favorite of couples and families, the Duck Town Boardwalk offers beautiful views of the Sound, wildlife like fish and turtles, and convenient access to stores and restaurants. In addition, there are numerous side paths to explore, and it’s a great spot to gaze at the stars at night. Just remember to carry a flashlight!